“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine


We all have challenges to overcome and this photo is a great example of how people handle them differently.

Some of us are like the girl on the left. We have everything a person could ask for., a nice home, loving family, food to eat whenever we want, and even braces to straighten what is crooked…everything. Yet, when we are faced with a challenge (great or ridiculously small) we break down. We think it is the end of the world, when oftentimes only an attitude adjustment is in order.

What the girl on the left had “to over come” was a tiny problem yet she thought it was huge because she was focusing on the negative instead of the positive, the child on the right was faced with huge  problem (shoes are important for the health of our feet, and the use of our feet are important period) and came up with the best solution possible.

If you are faced with a challenge ask yourself

“Am I focusing on the negative? What are some positives about this challenge that I can learn from and grow with?

I would love to hear your thoughts

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