Keep trying


There once was a writer in the making. She did not have much of anything, but she had a great imagination and lot of tenacity. Despite living in poverty and the depression that can come with it, she worked hard and finished her book. She then sent it to a publisher, believing I’m sure, that they would sign her right away. But she was let down when they did not sign her. Undaunted she sent it to the next publishing house, and again was rejected. This went on and on until she had racked up a total of 12 rejection letters.

Twelve! That is a lot of disappointment, A lot of heartache and hopes dashed. A lot of writers would give up at this point. Actually a lot of writers would quit after one letter. Yet she kept going and it was to the next Publishing house that her book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was finally published.

Like J.K. Rowling, you have great things inside of you…


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