“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Wallace

Life is too short to just barely exist. Each new day that dawns is a day that is ripe with exciting possibilities that often get trampled under the feet our own weariness.That is why inspiration is so vital. It is like giving one’s “maybe tomorrow…”  or our “I wish I could…” a shove out the door to be replaced with “Now is the time!” and “I can!”.

I chose to name this blog Eunoia for two reasons.  The first it the meaning of the word. Eunoia is a word (Greek in origin for all you word buffs out there) that means “Beautiful thinking”.This is what I will try and inspire myself to do through this blog, as well as  hopefully a few others as well. The second reason that I chose Eunoia is that it is the shortest word we have in Englishthat uses all the vowels, in other words good things do come in small packages. That epitomizes the intent I have for this Blog. I hope to provide inspiration in short doses in hopes that we all can be those who “really live.”

I would love to hear your thoughts

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